1- Reeder’s Commitment is to a ‘Virtually Perfect’ Customer Experience

As an active 17 year I-CAR Instructor, our collision center manager teaches (and practices) that the following points must be incorporated into each and every collision-repaired vehicle: 
  •    Safety
  •    Structural Integrity
  •    Proper Fit
  •    Proper (Paint) Finish
  •    Performance the way the OEM intended
  •    Durability

Reeder Collision takes this one step further:  every person that interacts with a customer or ‘touches’ their vehicle must ask him- or herself,

      “Would I put my family back in this vehicle?’”
This attitude permeates our customer service, timeliness and expert attention in every aspect of service we provide.  At the outset of 2013, we began to measure our progress on every customer that walked through our doors.  Our ‘Exit Interview’ has a voluntary area where a customer can add whatever they would like to the survey.  Allow us to let just a few of our customers tell you about their experiences themselves:

•    “I would recommend this place to anyone.  The experience was seamless!’  - Mary J.  2/15/13
•    “Great job!”   - Jason C.  2/15/13
•    “Thank you (Tess) for all you did.”   - Suzanne H.  2/22/13
•    “Very nice people!!!!  Very informed!  Great service.”   - Carolyn L.  3/15/13
•    “Customer service and repairs were superlative.  Thank you for correcting a very negative experience (our damage due to a deer impact).”   - Pamela L.  3/27/13
•     “Great work!!!!”   - Christopher M.  4/10/13
•    “Pete Pratti explained everything thoroughly what would be done and assured me my car would be made right and it was.  Great Service.”   - Brenda P.  4/12/13
•    “Excellent service, very helpful.  Tess (Reeder) and Stacy (insurance company rep) was a great help.”   - Julie C. 4/12/13
•    “100% excellent work.”   - Robert G.  4/19/13
•    “Great job!!”   - Terry B.  4/24/13
•    “Great service!”   - Anthony R.  5/3/13
•    “Enjoyed e-mail updates.”   - John W.  5/9/13
•    “Absolutely superb service, customer orientated.  Employees very dedicated, very nice and helpful.  Real professionals.  They made this experience joyful.  Thanks.”   - Don G.  5/24/13
•    “They did a ‘fantabulous’ job on my car, and even detailed it to look brand new. They were all so nice and helpful, very responsive, and all seemed very dedicated to their jobs. They are very proud to serve USAA as a preferred provider.”   - Donnie G.  5/30/13  [voluntarily sent to insurer directly]
•    “Excellent customer service and body work.  Highly recommend the Reeder Chevrolet Body Shop and Pete Pratti, shop manager and Tess Sapp as the coordinator.  She kept us informed with pictures via e-mail.”   - Jerry H.  6/10/13
•    “Everything was great.”   - Mark R.  6/21/13
•    “Good communication.”   - Brittany B.  6/28/13
•    “Outstanding service.  Best I have ever received.”   - Regina B.  7/1/13
•    “Great all around!”    - Fred S.  7/2/13
•    “Everyone was very professional.”   - Clifford N.  7/16/13
•    “Excellent to deal with.”   - Linda W. 8/5/13
•    “Great service!  Great people!”   - Suzanne B.  8/30/13
•    “Excellent service and workmanship.  Would recommend for anyone needing body/paint work.  Thank you all, very much!”   - Gary S.  8/30/13
•    “Everything was great from start to finish….”    - Belinda B.  9/11/13

If customers are dissatisfied with a repairer, they usually feel disdain for the entire process; in other words, they blame everyone that was involved including the insurer and the agent.  Why risk your reputation on anyone other than the Collision Repair Professionals that will satisfy people this way?!

2- Reeder partners with insurers, fleet companies and our own dealership to serve our mutual customers’ collision repair needs. 

Here is an example.
To illustrate the Level of Service one of our partners expects when servicing their customer base:
2013 ”(Insurer) is proud to receive consistently outstanding awards & ratings for member service…”
•    J.D. Power and Associates Customer Service Champion (2011, 2012)

•    3977 out of 4328  -  92% of customers recommend this product.

•    Experience the advantages of (the insurer) auto insurance:
  • Exceptional service.  Belonging to (insurer) gets you access to…. Auto Insurance that is rated the highest in customer advocacy.7
  • Award–winning claims service.  We can help you get guaranteed repairs at more than 2,300 (insurer)–approved locations nationwide.
Tue, 9 Apr 2013  “(Insurer) Leads Insurers in 2013 Consumer Experience Ratings….”   

The results of another consumer experience survey, this one conducted by the Temkin Group, shows (insurer) leading the pack when it comes to consumer satisfaction.  The 2013 Temkin Experience survey ranks the customer experience of 246 companies across 19 industries based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers.  Of the companies in the property casualty insurance sector, (insurer) is the highest-ranked….  The survey ranks companies across three components, functional, accessible, and emotional.

This insurer entrusts about 6% of collision repairers in the U.S. to uphold the tradition they have built.  Reeder Collision is one of them. 

Reeder Collision’s YTD Quality Satisfaction when servicing mutual customers with this insurer:


Reeder Collision’s YTD Customer Satisfaction when servicing mutual customers with this insurer:


If we exceed, and contribute to these standards, we can be doing the same and more for your business!

Here is another example of an insurer we partner with. This example will focus on Reeder’s YTD CSI measurements when servicing our mutual customers with this particular insurer:
  •   Quality Ranking:  9.7
  •   Customer Service Ranking:  9.7
  •   On-Time Percentage:  92.6% (based upon 5.3 production hours per day!)
  •   Kept Informed Percentage:  93%
  •   Repair vs. Replace:  47.3%
  •   Alternative Parts Usage:  47.6%

When a repairer keeps their customer extraordinarily satisfied, confident and happy, they help keep your customer, your people, and your company satisfied, confident, happy and profitable.  There exists a spot where service partners can meet and work together, ensuring that everyone benefits.  We are honesty, compassionate, and do all things correctly ALL OF THE TIME.  When teams work like this, they – and everyone that works with them - have got to be successful.

3- What exactly is a Collision Repair Center’s Obligation to a Customer?
Lives depend on doing what is right when repairing damaged motor vehicles.  A vehicle must be returned to the operating condition that the Original Equipment Manufacturer intended for it. That gives insurers, repairers and vendors the awesome responsibility of making sure we work in harmony and know what constitutes a truly correct repair job. There is no room for error, uncooperative attitudes, and/or fancy rhetoric. We must work together with mutual respect to make our mutual customers completely whole again.

We all want to build, sustain and grow profitable businesses. If we really do what is right consistently, doing what we are paid to do, working within OEM guidelines, and understanding that there is a spot where we can all meet - whereby the repairer makes a reasonable profit while the insurer sustains profitability – we will satisfy the insurer’s fiduciary responsibility to their customer, and the repairer and insurer’s responsibility to ensure their safety. Working in a spirit of professionalism and cooperation will ensure continued profitability and growth of both entities.

‘Less is More!’ You read that right: less = more. The less we disturb, the more original build characteristics we retain for the customer.  The less time we have the customer’s vehicle, the more apt they are to abstain from worry, and from talking to every ‘expert’ that will tell them ‘the car will never be the same.’ The less factory seams we destroy (i.e.  lkq assemblies utilized), the more pre-accident (and inexpensive) the ultimate repair. The list goes on….
Here is how Reeder Collision Center goes about ensuring all of this gets done.

A-    We Create an Accurate Estimate/Repair Order on Day 1.  We are proving that avoidable supplements, delays, parts problems, additional loss of use expenses, and all of the confusion that has characterized our business for decades can be eliminated.  That starts with an accurate estimate, a ‘mapping’ procedure, a meticulous disassembly, gathering OEM/I-CAR repair standards, and a ‘blueprinting’ process. Experience has proven that starting off with an incomplete, amateurish estimate and a lack of Standard Operating Procedures dooms the entire production from the start.

B-    We Exhaust All Avenues During The Parts Ordering Process.  We only do business with proven reliable vendors.  Whether utilizing LKQ, aftermarket, OEM, or reconditioned parts, we stress the need to ‘get it right the first time.’  Ordering from an accurate parts list (down to the clip!) – from professional parts people AND checking them in before the delivery driver leaves – eliminates 95% of the so-called ‘parts delays.’

C-    We Repair What is Safely Repairable.  We challenge ourselves to retain the original build characteristics, parts, assemblies and finish as much as possible. When we repair part(s), we save time, money, rental, OEM seams, color finish, and original parts, and actually help insurers and ourselves to be more profitable!  The insurer can pass the savings on to their customers as well. 

-    We Only Hire and Retain the Best Technicians.  Our techs are well-trained, certified and keep learning.  We are constantly training.  And we are not simply ‘GM.’   Although we have a built-in customer base of General Motors vehicles since we are selling GM cars, trucks, and fleets, the other 60%+ of our repairs are Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, and other manufacturers.  We have multiple certifications; for example, the manager is Toyota-certified mechanically, while one technician has a certification in Toyota collision repairs.  Another tech is a certified Motorcycle technician; still another graduated from Penn State’s auto collision program. We cover all bases. 

E-    Our Equipment is OEM-Approved and ‘Top of the Line.’  A Chief frame machine, Velocity computerized measurement system, the F.A.S.T. full-frame anchoring system, Sherwin Williams waterborne refinishes, DeVilbiss spray booths, Pro Spot resistance welder – only the best to return a vehicle to OEM standards.

F-    Our Quality Control Process is ‘Air Tight.’  The way we Quality-Control our process, a vehicle cannot get through with defects. We view each department as an internal customer to the prior department.  Our Check-In Sheet, Internal Quality Assurance Sheet, and Final Quality Control were custom-designed to our demographic. Less than 10% of all delivered vehicles are returned to us (based upon measurements from January 2013 onward). 

-   Keeping Customers Regularly Well Informed is Essential.  We communicate with customers a minimum of every 48 hours.  We pay attention to detail – asking them at the initial contact how they want to be kept informed.  Phone calls, On-Line images, text messages – whatever they request, we deliver.  We are close to 93% in our CSI Kept Informed matrix.

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